A leading architect in New Jersey

Robert Donahue is a Registered Architect in New Jersey (and New Hampshire) with over sixteen years of experience. But his dedication to being one of the premier architects in New Jersey goes well beyond just creating beautiful designs. He has a true passion for architecture and a deep dedication to his customers. No problem is too big, and no detail too small. Robert is someone you can trust to always do the job right. Which is exactly why when a project requires a true expert, clients and industry peers turn to Robert.

Robert’s experience includes the design and preparation of construction documents, as well as project management and construction administration for educational, hospitality, commercial, healthcare, residential, retail, and corporate facilities at locations throughout the country. Robert also has Construction Management and Forensic Architecture experience across various project types.

Thanks to his diverse experience as an architect in New Jersey and beyond, Robert has the unique ability to plan, design, and manage the construction of highly complex projects. He also serves as a technical consultant for a wide range of both public and private clients, offering forensic architectural consulting and professional opinions.

His clients include:

  • Education boards
  • Private colleges
  • Private companies
  • Retail companies
  • Private residential clients

For Robert, design is more than just a profession. It’s a passion.

Robert’s passion for detail and design has not only helped him build a successful architectural firm, but also a serious affinity for boatbuilding and boat design. He has built many small crafts and is constantly experimenting with small boat designs and construction techniques. Certain techniques he uses in boat construction are often employed in his architectural designs.

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