Forensic Services

Landlord/Tenant Negotiations

We prepare documents/reports in cases where there are conflicts between Landlords and Tenants.  In most cases, these disputes involve construction activities and they arise when a Tenant is leaving a space.  Regardless of whether our services are retained by the Landlord or the Tenant, we provide detailed and convincing reports to satisfy their position.

Contract Termination

In cases where a construction contract has been terminated, we make recommendations regarding the stage of completion of the project.  In many cases, there are disagreements between the parties as to the completeness of the project.  In cases where construction bonds are involved, establishing the level of completeness of a project is critical to determining the funds needed to complete a project.

Owner/Contractor Negotiations

We consult with Owners regarding contracts with contractors.  In these instances, the contractor is usually retained by the Owner, but either the third party Construction Documents, contract, or both are poorly done and we consult with the Owner to resolve the situation.

Expert Witness

We provide expert witness testimony for projects where the expertise of a licensed professional is required, or will lend credibility to a Client’s position.

As-built Reports

We prepare detailed as-built reports with convincing back up documentation.  In many cases these reports become the basis of negotiations between two parties.  We analyze the Construction Documents and any project related submittals and/or correspondence and provide a detailed report indicating if there were any deviations in the actual construction from what was supposed to be constructed.