Private Residences

We use Building Information Modeling (BIM) for all Construction Documents prepared by our office. Unlike many other firms, all of our projects are associated with a digital three-dimensional model right from the start. There are no additional fees for creating these models because they are part of our basic services.  Due to the availability of three-dimensional data at early phases of projects, we are able to create 3D QuickTime files that can be emailed to clients to help them make decisions early in the project by allowing them to virtually ‘look around’ inside a space.  This translates into cost savings because clients do not have to wait for a rendering or model to be generated from two dimensional plans and elevations.

Project Size

No project is too big or too small.  We treat every project with the same attention to detail.  Whether it is an interior alteration, addition, or a new house we understand that the Owner has decided to invest in their property and that commitment deserves our serious attention.